Saturday, 27 August 2016

Han Mu 韓牧 The Machete 腰刀

野獸的利爪前                     Before the sharp claws of a brutish beast,

你是更利的爪                     Of claws----you are the sharper;

毒蛇的利牙前                     Before the sharp fangs of a deadly snake,

你是更利的牙                     Of fangs----you are the sharper.

在密得像籠的棘林中        Caught in a dense and cage-like thorny thicket,

你就是路                              Oh you----you are the way.

Translated by Wong Pun Ming Chu and Andrew Wong in August 2016, one week before the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council election.  This translation is dedicated to all the freedom and democracy fighters.


.     1. 韓牧 (1938-   ) 原籍:澳門  (現居加拿大)  著作:铅印的詩稿》、 分流角  伶仃洋》、 回魂夜(急水門   韓牧評論選梅嫁給楓等。Han Mu born in Macau currently living in Canada

      2. 韓牧: 腰刀 “Han Mu: The Machete” was published in the 海洋文藝 “Ocean Literary” magazine in October 1974 (vol. 1, no. 4).