Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Dai Wangshu 戴望舒: Written on a Prison Wall by Hsu Kai-yu

How do you like Hsu Kai-yu's translation?

If I die here,
My friends, don't be sad.
I shall live forever
In your hearts.

Dead is only one of you
In a prison under Japanese occupation.
He nursed a deep,deep hatred,
That you must always remember.

When you return and dig up
From the earth his mutilated body,
Please let your vistory cheers
Bear his soul to soar in the sky,

And please place his bleached bones,
On a mountain top to bathe in the sun and the wind:
This, my friends, was the only dream he had
In that dark and dank dungeon.

From "Twentieth Century Chinese poetry:an anthology" translated and edited by Kai-yu Hsu. New York, Doubleday & Co., 1963.

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